Granite cobble paving designs & drystane landscaping

Natural stonework without cement

Welcome to, the website for paving with a difference. 

If you are looking for high quality beautiful paving designs which are truly unique then look no further.

These Celtic Knotwork designs I create are genuinely unique.

Nobody else anywhere produces these intricate patterns using granite cobblestones.

I am self-taught in the methods used in celtic knotwork patterns and was the first person to lay these designs using granite cobblestones. 

The only limitations on these designs are the area to be laid & the size of the cobbles used.

I also build drystane dykes (drystone walls) incorporating features ranging from 8 ft high serpentine walls to free-standing seats and arches. 

I don't have any formal qualifications in drystane dyking but I am confident of building features of an advanced standard.


Please contact me for more information.   All challenges welcome...